Sonic  Kitchen


Released August 2007

"I’m not gonna mince words. This album is simply a pop, psychedelic, garage tour de force. If this was 1967 and not 2007, Stephen Dees and wife Patricia Dees, the duo known as the Bandees, would be on every turntable in the US. From the erotic kitchen drama playing out in “Loopy Jane” to the Cheap Trickish, Bowie-esque charm of “She Blows” to the “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” sound of “Claudia”, the Dees have stepped up their usually intense game by cooking up a buffet of Beatlesque, Brian Wilson inspired ditties that rock, roll and flat out leave you with a sugar high. Add to that recipe inspired drumming by Alberto Cruz and several renowned area axe-slingers, and you’ve got a full kitchen. Stephen has worked with some of the best songwriters in the business throughout his career. A listen to “Saint Joan” and “Monkey Boy” is evidence of all the magic that’s rubbed off on him. Lush harmonies, fluid bass lines and subtle guitar licks abound, this collection even comes with a children’s choir section on “Love Will Save the Day” courtesy of Volusia Pines Elementary 4th Grade Class. Do you want to hear a new Badfinger, Beach Boys or George Harrison record? You’re in luck, cause you can pick up Bandees “Sonic Kitchen” on line now!!! It’s the grooviest, trippiest, hippiest, damn best CD ever released by a Central Florida duo… ever. Stick that on your stove and cook it."
[Anthony Sica, Music Entertainment Magazine]

Be Refreshed with Bandees
Finding a band these days that doesn’t sound like every other band that you hear on the radio is very refreshing. The Bandees will satisfy the need for new sounds. If you are realizing more and more modern musicians losing creativity, don’t despair. With their new release, “Sonic Kitchen”, the Bandees are serving up a dose of originality. “Sonic Kitchen” is the Bandees sixth album and features songs like “Loopy Jane”, “Down” and “Where you are”. Great artists like The Beatles, David Bowie and Beck come to mind when listening to this beautifully written and melodic album. The songs are catchy and smart and leave you with a smile. The band features singer/songwriters, multi-instrumentalists Stephen and Patricia Ann Dees and drummer/percussionist Alberto Cruz. The Bandees have received awards such as “Best Writing Team”, “Best Vocal Group”, and “Best Duo” from Songwriters Showcase of America.
[Backstage Pass Magazine Daytona Beach, Tucker Doran]

"Beatle-maniacs can take a magical mystery tour through Beatle allusions in "Music Box," a song on the new CD by the Bandees. Even the song's soundscape is all Sgt. Peppery and fey like the Fab Four. "Loopy Jane," "She Blows" and "Saint Joan," three songs about eccentric babes, will quell the appetite of folks who miss Badfinger and Matthew Sweet. "Monkey Boy" outguns the Strokes by deploying Steve Vai-worthy guitar blasts from Dees and guest T.J. Evans. Crunchy-sweet guitars and Dees' all-American Bowie voice are key ingredients, but the band's secret weapon is singer-multi-instrumentalist Patricia Dees. Her flute brings a Beatle-esque, mourning dove melancholy to the lost-love ballad "Claudia." And her oboe haunts her lead vocals on the chick-flick emo of "Hold My Breath." "We all dig our music box," the Bandees sing on "Music Box." Pop-rock fans will, too." **** EXCELLENT [Rick deYampert, Daytona Beach News Journal]

WOW! Retro rock 'n roll done properly.
This is a fantastic album. Smart punchy tracks & melodies with great lyrics that don't leave your head. Believe me you won't want them to! I'm English & the Beatles got me into music, in my humble opinion John Lennon (RIP) would be proud of these guys. BUY IT! [CDBaby Reviewer: Tony Evans London, England]

The cleverness of The Bandees' lyrical content is immediately evident by looking at the song titles on their newest disc, Sonic Kitchen. "Loopy Jane, Hi Laissez-vous Voler Babe', Saint Joan, and Monkey Boy," are but a small taste of the group's flare. The Bandees appeal is obvious, from their Beatle-esque pipes (especially evident in the disc-opening "Loopy Jane") to their melodic craftsmanship and songwriting. The highlight comes from a slower, emotion-laden cut called "Love Will Save Day." This song of personal pain and hope is a beautiful, multilayered number that stays with you long after the album is over. Musically, the band has never sounded more exciting, confidently stepping forward to embrace a massive, moving sound that makes simplicity seem sublime. [CDBaby Reviewer: Victor Wainwright]