They Fly Around CD Reviews

They Fly Around

Released March 1998

Y’know, there are some people in the world who simply reek of ideas, Stephen Dees is one of those names on the fringe of pop music culture. He’s a better than good musician, which shows itself well on the debut release from Bandees, his new outfit. The band has achieved what many Consider impossible--a dozen perfect pop slices, all with a unique sound and identity that fit neatly together into a very cohesive package. No mean feat! Dees’ most obvious strong point is as a great songwriter. The influences are pretty classic; you’ll hear hints of everything from The Beatles to Elvis Costello in the songwriting. Nothing wrong with that. The album’s second strength is the sheer talent of the musicians involved. All the players are very, very good, including vocals that really stand out from the crowd. However, the glue that binds all this talent together is the creative cleverness displayed throughout. Production and engineering are both superb. In short, They Fly Around is nothing short of a true pop masterwork! It shouldn’t take more than the most basic break to push these people into the spotlight they richly deserve. **** (4 out of 4)
[Craig Michaels JAM Magazine Review 04/98]

The Bandees shine like the Corona Borealis on their debut CD entitled, They Fly Around. Each song is a luminous star that plots the course through the imaginative Bandees Constellation. With a psychedelic feel reminiscent of early David Bowie, the band embrace a refined sound with smooth vocals and colorful instrumentation. An essence of honesty is conveyed throughout the songs with styles varying from silky ethereal folk, to energetic pop anthems. Blast into orbit and experience an astral resurgence as you transcend to a newer dimension of musical renaissance with the Bandees and their exceptional CD, "They Fly Around" ***** (5 out of 5)
[Gina Trifiletti, Managing Editor, Connections Magazine]

The Bandees are on the cutting edge of music with a diverse style, incorporating many forms. On their debut CD "They Fly Around" there is something for everyone, from rock to folk, funk to alternative. It’s better than listening to the radio........"
[The G-Man 95.7 WHOG the Top rated OZONE Saturday Night]

"Stephen Dees writes outstanding pop rock tunes with infectious melodies and grooves. I foresee the Bandees rising to an international level ."
[Beaver Felton, Super Chops]

"Dees who tends to accentuate his vocals sounds at times like an American David Bowie, but Dees vocals contain the conviction and forcefulness that Bowie’s too often lack."
[Steven Brieff, Records]

"They Fly Around, offers the listener a great peek into the music and lyrics of one of Florida’s great bands. With a little more exposure for this band, they are destined to be famous. They Fly Around, is well worth getting"
[the fritz, the new college music magazine]

Absolutely evolutionary, perfect for the college market.
[Joe Skinner, President, Trackspotting]