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Patricia Ann
   vocals, flute, oboe, sax, keys, harmonica

Patricia's vocals have been favorably compared to Kate Bush and Aimee Mann.
She is also a multi-instrumentalist; playing flute, oboe, saxophone, bass, keyboards and harmonica.

Patricia is currently an extended member of Victor Wainwright and the WildRoots and joins Ray Guiser in the horn section playing saxophone. In addition, she sings backing vocals and is featured in a duo with Victor on the WildRoots version of the Bandees song "Square". 

In addition to being a versatile and talented musician, she is also an accomplished painter. Her artwork is featured on the Bandees CD's "Saffron", "three", "Neverland" and "Sonic Kitchen".  


Stephen Dees
   vocals, guitars, bass, keys, percussion

"Dees who tends to accentuate his vocals sounds at times like an American David Bowie, but Dees vocals contain the conviction and forcefulness that Bowie's too often lack." [Steven Brieff, Records]

Stephen has toured and or recorded with Todd Rundgren, Tony Carey, Hall & Oates, Pat Travers, and Novo Combo to name a few. Check out Hall and Oates Box Set Collection where Stephen plays on 4 live tracks recorded at the New Victoria in London England. Here's a review of the performance...

the two live War Babies tracks ("Bennie G. And The Rose Tattoo" and "Better Watch Your Back") and Abandoned Luncheonette repertoire (including its title track and a formidable "Lady Rain") all spotlight fiery solos and fierce rhythm sections that the vinyl of the original studio records might have had problems containing years ago. Taped in London's New Victoria Theatre in 1975, guitarist Todd Sharp, drummer Eddie Zyne, and bassist Stephen Dees thoroughly rock-up Daryl and John's original visions of the songs" [Mike Ragogna - music biz vet, entertainment writer]

Stephen is currently a member of Victor Wainwright and the WildRoots as writer, producer, and bassist. 

Stephen Dees



Alberto Cruz
   drums, percussion

Alberto Cruz, a dynamically creative drummer; joins the Bandees as a collaborating
member for their 6th release, “Sonic Kitchen” and has played extensively on previous Bandees CD's. 

Alberto has toured and recorded in America, the Caribbean and South America, with artists including Flock of Seagulls, Alejandro Delafuenta, Meritaje and Water.

Alberto also performs as percussionist as an extended member of Victor Wainwright and the WildRoots. 





Patricia Ann